Societal Factors

Many societal factors have provided means for online course management systems to become more widely used in today’s culture. Some of these factors include geographical reasons, economic problems, effective time management, technological aspects, and even just simply the need to progress in a society that is constantly changing and shifting in the way that it functions on a day to day basis.

iStock_000006260161SmallTo begin, geographical location is one of the biggest reasons why virtual education and course management systems have begun to thrive. When someone is in a location where the area might be generally rural and somewhat removed from the rest of society, they should still be able to have the same access to certain educational tools that others have. Online courses provide this option for those that may not be able to physically access a school or university with the same ease as others.

Bankrupt-MonopolyEconomic costs are also a key point in why online education has flourished in certain situations for particular people. Anyone that has pursued an education knows that it comes at a high price. That being said, not all people are able to afford physically going away and living near a university or paying the fees that go along with actually attending classes. Online classes are not only generally cheaper than face-to-face classrooms, but they also cut down on traveling expenses back and forth between class periods.

time-vs-money1In addition to monetary expenses, time management has also been one of the biggest deciding factors for most people when looking at online classes. Although there may be deadlines in an online course management system, the user can usually begin and finish projects whenever he or she finds the most time within their schedule. There are also no scheduled meeting times to learn in online courses and the information is generally taught to the student by reading and assignments posted by the instructor. This can be greatly beneficial to some people’s schedule if they find themselves without enough time in the day to squeeze in a scheduled class meeting time.

evolutionRecent advancements in technology, even within the past five years, have made online learning much more convenient than it has been compared to past years. With innovations such as smartphones, tablets, and more Wi-Fi hotspots, online course management systems have never been easier to gain access to and keep up with for people that are constantly busy. Finally, the need to progress has also convinced some people that online learning may be the next big thing when it comes to providing education for all. With all of the benefits and conveniences that online courses have to offer, it is easy to see why much of society has conformed and embraced the idea of online learning.

By thor904

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